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October 25, 2009

Very Long, Fun Day

Saturday was a very long day for Maddi and a lot of fun. First, we went to the pumpkin farm and met up with Cinder, Finley, and Timber. It was cold and cloudy though.

Then we went to PetCo for some puppy play time. There were only 2 other puppies there. A 1 1/2 pound Yorkshire terrier puppy and an Australian shepherd puppy. The Aussie was very nervous and didn't want to be away from her humans, the Yorkie held her own with Maddi and they had a great time!

Then we went to my brother's house for a Halloween Party. There she got to meet a lot of people dressed in funny clothes and she got to play with an 8 week old German Short Hair pointer. Of course I didn't have the camera available when the puppies were playing.

1 comment:

Slick said...

Great pictures. Too bad I couldn't be there too! I would have loved to visit with my cousins.