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October 23, 2009

Quite the Pair

Quite the weather change, apparenlty Banjo was cold. He was found louging on the sofa three times which was not preparing him for the Dane County OccuPaws Training Session this evening. Weather kept us all in the house, so Banjo was a little stir crazy - never good for training.

Three puppies attended along with one guide dog, four trainees, and Toby. One of the puppies is Banjo's replacement. Neva took to him right away; Banjo could not care less.

First, the older dogs practiced DOWN STAY while the puppies attempted to provoke a response that would get the big dogs in trouble. After their teasing, the puppies were put to the test, as much as a ten week old puppy can be tested. It was more like "Follow the Treat".

Guide dog Dale looks on as the puppies (Neva, Sparta, and Sonny) are put through their first training class. View more photos from the training session.

Banjo impressed me tonight. I dropped a treat right in front of his mouth. Without a verbal LEAVE IT or NO, he didn't touch it even though it was right in front of his nose. He actually got up and moved away. Now if he would only leave the trash cans alone.

When the training session concluded, dogs will be dogs. Banjo showed Neva how he really felt about her replacing him at our house. The spunky little girl is a fighter and fought back hard. Her teeth searching for ears, lips, paws, or tail, but catching mostly air.

Lisa experienced Neva's bite first hand and says that she "Bites Hard".

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