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October 9, 2009

Yummy Badger

It's official Banjo's puppy permit has expired. He lost his last puppy tooth this evening. Now our expectations will rise. Not sure if it's coincidence or not, but his brain seems to be working better lately.

Lisa took a chance yesterday. She went into work for her performance review and took Banjo. With all the possible negative outcomes, I am not sure I would have risked it. No problem, no surprises, just a bit of chewing.

We went to the Badger Hockey scrimmage. It was a chance for the team to prepare for their first game next weekend and an opportunity to acclimate Banjo to the sights and sounds.

Initially he was fixated on the players gliding by and the pucks bouncing off the boards. After ten minutes the floor was more interesting. By the second period he didn't budge when the horn sounded. He is ready; time will only tell if the Badgers are.

In between periods we took a potty break. One issue we have with Banjo is that he will not go potty when distracted and he is easily distracted. It can be a dog barking, people walking by, birds flying over, sun shining, or clouds floating past.

On the way back to our seats after an unsuccessful trip, we met our favorite mascot, Bucky. Still teething, Banjo figured the badger's furry finger was a chew toy. It must have tasted good because he was relentless. I finally had to pry his mouth off. Bucky didn't seem to mind.

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Barb, Mark and Slick said...

Sorry we missed the game last night! We got home last night too late for it after picking up Neva.