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October 11, 2009

Road Trip

Banjo's latest adventure involved one four hour car ride to South Bend, one night in a hotel, and a four hour ride back to Oregon He didn't mind the car ride nearly as much as the humans did.

Our three hours before the wedding was spent riding the elevator, eating lunch, exercising Banjo along the river, and getting him dressed. Banjo wore a white bow tie and arrived "with bells on". Since many guests had responded that they would be there with bells on, we were provided bells by the parents of the groom.

One of the worst parts of travelling is sleeping in a different bed. Banjo's new bed popped open in five seconds. I was worried about his new crate given his propensity to chew.

He found his crate quite accommodating and bit tasty. This problem was solved with the addition of a new chew toy. We brought his blanket from home but, I forgot my pillow (along with my toiletries).

Bringing a dog to a wedding has two primary goals. One, try not to draw too much attention and upstage the bride/groom. Two, please no accidents or barking.

We failed on both. First, all night Banjo was treated like a rock star, constantly mobbed by kids and asked for kisses/pets. Then, after drinking too much beer and eating too much cake, Banjo vomited. No one was harmed, just mild embarrassment and it was an isolated incident.

As usual Banjo was a good ambassador for OccuPaws - well behaved and calm all evening. That is until we returned to the hotel room where he caught a case of the ZOOMs before bed. After settling down, he finally ate dinner and we all slept good after a long fun day.

A bad thing about staying in a hotel is the long walk/ride to take your dog outside in the cold Indiana morning.

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