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October 13, 2009

Sans Backpack

We worked more on HEEL today. This meant more of the "crazy" puppy raiser walking down the street. It really works though. Walking through the park, Banjo was leading us down the path. After a few 90 degree turns, he refocused on the person with the leash.

A quick break to prepare a list and we were off to the grocery store. About a mile from home I remembered that we had forgotten our backpack which has our cleaning supplies. What to do? What to do? A quick decision to proceed. We trust Banjo and he had gone potty before the walk. Our trip took a bit longer than expected with meet and greets, but no problems.

Our evening concluded with trimming nails, brushing teeth, combing fur, cleaning ears, and cradling - the full treatment. It has been extremely difficult to trim Banjo's nails, sometimes taking twenty minutes while he thrashes around on his back biting my hands. This evening I took preemptive action and used the pronged collar and comfort muzzle. He was very subdued and the entire process took less than four minutes. He and I were both happier.

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