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December 19, 2009


Three days into his "vacation", Deegan has adjusted to our routine, we have learned how to work with him, and Neva has taken on the role of bodyguard. She apparently thinks that Deegan needs assistance in his new environment; she shadows him every where he goes. She is either lying on him or biting him (lip,leg, ear, tail), not a very good bodyguard.

As usual Saturday started with play time at The Dog Den (new website). Neva was a very active participant, however, Deegan was relegated to observer. He watched the puppies from the penalty box and was just minding his own business when a puppy came up to the fence and urinated into his area. Lisa had to clean it up even though it wasn't her fault.

Near the end of play time, I took Deegan into the big puppy play area where Neva was terrorizing the other canines. Deegan appreciated the break. He remained on leash as we practiced SIT, DOWN, and STAY with puppy distractions. He did good given that fact that dogs seem to be his most difficult challenge.

What's worse than Christmas shopping on the Saturday before Christmas?
Shopping the Saturday before Christmas with two dogs in tow.

Actually it wasn't that bad. We stopped at Mounds which took at least thirty minutes to pick up a bag of food and two leashes. Our dynamic duo accompanied us to Target for a few gifts and household items - in and out in less than thirty minutes. The crowds weren't bad, just a lot of puppy greetings.

Our final stop was the veterinarian's office for a weight check. Neva weighs 32 pounds and Deegan tipped the scales at 69 pounds, well under the seventy-two pound threshold for a doggy diet.

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Theresa said...

I told you he would settle in after a couple days