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December 12, 2009

Hi Sophia

I saw Slick today at Brookfield Mall. He stayed overnight with Kaitlyn and he told me he has a real cool house in her room. I practiced walking and guiding today with Kaitlyn's sister - she's a good trainer!!!

Here is a picture of Slick and Kaitlyn and Hanna in his crate - it's so big all three can fit.

Roxy and I miss him, cuz he played so good. He said his new friend Jasper is almost as good a
player as me. You can see some more pictures of them here.

See you soon,



Promise said...

Hey Timber,
I'll be visiting you later this week, so we can play. Slick is a good pal -- we lived together when I was a little puppy like Harley. But I promise not to bite your ankles.

Timber said...