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December 13, 2009

Posing for pics

Every year, the boys (the 2-legged ones) pose with our animals for our annual Christmas photo. This year was no exception, just with some different animals. We no longer have our boxer, but do have Cinder, so she and Carmen and Logan and Austin made the trek to the trails to get some pictures in the snow covered bushes. This sounds like a great plan, except with a Lab and a German Shepherd, by the time we got them close to the bushes and seated, most of the snow was knocked of the branches and we had to try for another location! We did get some nice ones as you can see by this representation.

After having to behave and sit for the gazillion pictures, Cinder and Carmen along with the boys got to run off a little energy and play in the snow. Cinder loves it, she tunnels under and comes up with a snout full, flipping it into the air. Some days I look outside and wonder if someone replaced my black lab with a dalmation!!

When we got back home, we spent some time working on the fort at the end of the driveway. Cinder didn't help with the digging, but she did get a kick out of going into the tunnel at the side and poking her head up through the top whole. Unfortunately, she was too fast for me to get a good pic of it and any time we tried to call her name to get her to stay there, she'd duck down and come running out the side tunnel to us. I guess it is a good thing she has a good recall, but not when you are trying to get her attention for a picture!

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Puppy Raiser said...

Very sweet pictures! Hopefully we won't be in the "dog house" with the boys at the end of the month when we come to get Cinder though! We're excited to be getting her back again.