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December 11, 2009

Who's New

Woof woof

This is Slick filing my last report from Cross Plains. My old pal Mr.s Snow is back - but TOOOO much! My footsies are froze! and the snow is tooo deep.

Yesterday I went with my pals Timber (Hi Sophia) and Dale to a Country Club (am I moving up the social ranks or what) for a luncheon. What Mom forgot to mention is I had to wear sleigh bells and shiny booties and poor Timber wore a Santa hat. I'm not sure who was more embarassed.

Then we all posed for a Christmas picture. We were all good, but Maddi kept wanting to move around and look at us handsome boys :-)

It was a fundraiser lunch for Maddi and Sonny put on by Who's New! There was even dog treats sold there, but they were gone before I got Mom back to buy them...bummer. At least we got lots and lots of petting and hugs.

Mom and Dad are packing up everything I have - my blankie, bones, harness, even my food (I made sure they didn't forget that!) for my trip to Kaitlyn's house in Waukesha today. I'll miss Mom and Dad but I KNOW I'll have fun with Kaitlyn!

Love to everyone,



Anonymous said...

Hi Slick!
I am glad things worked out with Kaitlyn. I hope she is as happy as I am with getting her own dog. She looked very happy in the pictures!

Hope all goes well in your new place.

Your friend,

Timber said...

Hi Sophia,

Yep I look pretty silly, but all the people there loved it, so I guess it was OK.

Slick has been gone for two days now and I miss him. We played good together. Harley is a pain - he keeps biting my ankles.

See you soon,