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December 5, 2009

Malls & Queens

Hi Sophia!

Slick and I went to the shopping mall today. We walked all over the place watching the humans spend that green money stuff. While they shopped, I got loved and pet. I really, really like tummy rubs. We met some nice girls who just couldn't stop petting us. Everytime they tried to leave, they would come back for one more petting.

Then Slick warned me about the moving rooms and the moving stairs. We went into the moving room and the humans pushed buttons and the doors closed and the floor shook. I didn't mind and neither did Slick. I bet Harley would be scared though.

Then we went up and down the moving stairs. I guess I didn't mind those either - just keep walking.

Then the humans decided we needed to go back in time to medieval times and visit the Queen. We watched jousting and sword fights and they all shouted and clapped. Then they came to see us. I liked the one who smelled like a fox...yummy. It was wrapped around her neck.

All for now,


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Timber!
Aren't the moving stairs fun? I like going to the mall, too!

The costumes of the people were funny.

I hope you don't miss Slick too much when he moves to Waukesha. You 2 had fun together.

Thinking of you lots,