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December 24, 2009

Monthly Vet Visit

After three weeks with the UTI it was time for a visit to the veterinarian. In the meantime, our puppy, who just received a bordetella shot two weeks ago, seems to have picked up a mild case of (exercise induced) kennel cough a week later. To these ailments, we added her missing teeth and lumpy cheeks to the vet's list.

The UTI turned out to be a minor infection, but she has a lot of crystals which may be more diet related. We did get some antibiotics to treat the urinary tract infection, but the only treatment for kennel cough is cough suppressant. The cysts on her cheeks may be related to incoming teeth.

Neva's loss has been Deegan's gain. All of these maladies left the door open for Deegan to visit the dentist, hair salon, supermarket, drug store, and library. Except for being a little "creepy" Deegan behaved well on these outings.

Tip: We recently corrected her loose stool by administering probiotics.

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