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December 20, 2009

Magic's first days

We brought Magic (black, 10 weeks old, standard poodle) home on Thursday December 17 and fell in love with all his fluff. He went 60 hours without an accident in the house and did most of his doggie duties on leash in the selected spots. Took him to Mounds yesterday (after he pottied) to get dog bowls & a smaller kennel. He loved all the attention there. Then he listened to my son and I play Christmas tunes on our violin & trumpet. After 10-15 minutes he started howling, but it wasn't our music. He got his jaw stuck in the kennel! We got him out with a little maneuvering. Poor guy!

Went on a short walk today to meet a few neighbors. He did well on 1/2 mile walks the last 2 days though.

Have to get pictures up in the next few days. Thanks to everyone who has patiently answered my many questions in the past few days. Lynda (with Jeff, Allie, and Aaron) and Magic

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Sharon said...

I am glad to see the his is adapting well and look forward to new pictures of him.