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December 4, 2009

Cinder Goes To Work

Well, Cinder has "officially started" work. She has been before for visits, but she was there today for part of the day. It also happened to be a day when there was an admin team meeting, so she got to meet some of the principals and all kinds of people. This picture is of her in my desk area. She waited patiently while being introduced to our office coworkers.

And here she is with some of the Business Services Department staff. Thanks Donna and Denise!

And this is her "workspace", also called the place where she snores while I work! All in all, she did great! We used today as her meet-n-greet day and she got to go around to all the departments to say hi to everyone. I have a VERY dog-friendly work environment. They have all been asking when they would meet the newest one. She was very confident going into each office and sat politely for all her attention. She was mildly curious about a space heater one person had going and had no problem visiting the woodwork shop with all the tools - she even tried to chew on some wood chips, but we caught onto her real quick on that one. With a few kisses to all her peeps and a swish of her tail, she settled in around 9:30 to complete her day's work. I took her home on lunch - about 1:30. Next week she'll be there for the full day a few times and this will continue until she moves in with Jeff and Lisa.

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