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December 14, 2009

Last Class

Our roly poly frightened little black dog has disappeared and has been replaced with a happy go lucky, normal black lab puppy. She walked all the way to the park yesterday with minimal fear - actually leading me most of the way.

Unfortunately Neva is still suffering from a urinary tract infection which she shares with at least one of the local rabbits. The cranberry tablets have only stabilized the infection. As I mentioned, we did not limit her outings, however, we were extremely careful not to go too long without access for potty. To her credit, she has proven to be 100% housebroken. She has been waking us up at night to get outside. If things don't improve soon, we will have to make our monthly visit to the veterinarian.

In an attempt to avoid a trip to the vet, one of our outings this weekend was to Farm n Fleet to pick up some puppy medicine. Neva needed bordetella and lepto something or other. We administered the bordetella nasally without issue, but we haven't been brave enough to try the Parvo-Distemper-Lepto injection. Trimming her nails is difficult enough.

It was time for Neva's puppy class at The Dog Den. It was bittersweet being the last class, remembering where we started and how much she has learned in six weeks. We worked to solidify the old commands and introduced the LEAVE IT command. The trainer commented how different she is; wild and crazy during play times, then calm and focused when training (and a very quick learner).

A new exercise this evening was walking your puppy while holding a full glass of water in the same hand as the leash. Of course the goal being to have your puppy under control so as not to spill any liquid.

Neva and Lisa were the best in class :-)

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Michelle said...

Nice!! I love how she is looking at you while you are trying ever so hard not to spill the water!!!