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December 8, 2009


Greetings Kaitlyn!!

Well, my dream is coming true. Yesterday I walked Kaitlyn home from school. We got along great and I think she likes me...a lot!

Later on, her dad came home so off we went on another walk. How come human girls giggle and laugh so much???

Then we came inside for some cuddling and to meet the other dog Jasper. He didn't like me much at first, but now I think we're going to be buds. We even started playing inside, but he will need to learn to share his toys. I would share mine!

Kaitlyn is learning how to take off my harness so I can roll over for a tummy rub.

All for now. Later on I'll let Timber tell you all about his visit to Sophia's house. It sounds like all is going well and he might be moving to their house in the next few weeks.

Bye for now Kaitlyn,


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