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December 13, 2009

Harley grows up

Hi Sophia,

It was a little lonely going to breakfast without my pal Slick. Everyone was asking about him so I told them he's doing well and having fun.

I did get to bring my new bud Harley along. Usually he sits in someones lap for a couple minutes and then goes to sit in the car. This time, he got to stay inside the WHOLE time and sleep on the floor. He wanted to play a little bit, but finally gave up and took a nap with all the activity going on. Soon he'll be a big dog like me. I wonder if he'll remember me when I move out?

I guess I'm going to go to East Towne this afternoon for some training with some other people. It should be fun!!

See you soon Sophia,



Anonymous said...

HI TIMBER! I heard about your training yesterday1You are a very good teacher.But I bet we are goingto have three times as much fun on Saturday the 19th!!!Also I say to Harly GREAT JOB!!! for being such a big dog! WELL I wish I could write more ,ut I have to go Your buddy

Timber said...

Hi Sophia,

I have to tell you my lesson for today....going potty...on a leash. A few weeks ago I didn't like to go potty on a leash very much. But now I do it right away! Aren't you proud of me :-)

Anonymous said...

HI TIMBER!!! I am so proud of you for going potty on a leash! Can not wait until Saturday! Misswing you lotrs!Your buddy, Sophia!!!