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December 25, 2009

Magic Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, we needed to find one more gift, so we headed to Target. I pottied Magic outside then we worked on puppy heeling inside the front area of the store near the checkout lanes. After that we sat on the benches near the door and greeted people as they came in. Magic got lots of lovin'.

Since our travel plans to MN were disrupted by the snow storm they are getting, we stayed home last night and were able to go to our own church's Christmas Eve candle-lite services. Magic was still going strong after visiting Target so I knew he would be tired. I pottied him at home before we left. He hadn't eaten yet so I brought his food (moistened with water to reduce crunch) along and fed him right before the service started. He ate quietly then laid down and slept through the whole service. No-one even knew he was there, except the lady sitting next to us. At the end, we were finally able to introduce him to people sitting in front of us and other friends.

Today we trimmed nails and ran the dremel tool briefly over each nail. He did really well with the dremel & treats. Marlene, did you do this with him already?

Magic & Sara really want to get out for a walk or they'll tear my house apart playing with eachother. :)
Merry Christmas everyone, Lynda & Magic


Barb and Harley said...

It sounds like Magic is really doing well!

Marlene said...

He's had his nails trimmed but never with the Dremel. Told you he was a good boy :) I tell ya these Standard's get a bad rap, being foo foo dogs, they are smart and not as stubborn as these Lab's !! Way to go Magic .....

Coreena said...

Magic is adorable! Love the standards!