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December 7, 2009

Getting Closer

Arf Arf!

Well fellow pups, this is to be my second to last entry to the "puppy blog". It looks very likely that I will be picking up stakes and moving east to Waukesha. The parents of my new human Kaitlyn are undergoing training to be able to go to work for me. :-)

They spent some time with my pal Pam learning to be a "sighted guide". I watched while they learned to use a cane with a blindfold. I decided Kaitlyn is much better at it than they are. Kaitlyn moves like a streak of lightning so that I can barely keep up with her. She is very, very good with her cane and hopefully I can help make her even better!

While one parent was working, I spent some with the other with them teaching some of the commands I think they should know. We worked on sit, down, stand, heel, side, front, stay, come, get it, leave it, etc. until I got bored. They seem to know what they are doing as I hardly ever got a correction.

They were even pretty good with trimming my nails and using a drummel. Soon I'll have them fully trained. Mom and Dad said I would probably have them trained well enough to move this weekend.

I'd better start packing my food and bones and food and blankets and food and leash and food and collars and food...did I mention how important it is NOT to forget my food!!

Here is a picture of both sets of my Moms and Dads - new and old. I wonder if my old Mom and Dad will miss me?

All for now,


PS: Hi Sophia - Timber told me all about you and he will write to you soon!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Slick! I hope all goes well in Waukesha.

I bet Kaitlyn can't wait to have you beside her. I feel just that way with Timber.

Yours truly,
Sophia K.

Timber said...

Hi Sophia,

I guess I'm getting to do some stuff today so I'll study hard!!!