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December 10, 2009

Braving the cold.

Today Promise and I had our first serious winter outing. She went to school with me, but first, I made her get dressed, since it was so cold out. She doesn't like her shoes too much, but once they're on, and we're not focused on her feet, she gets used to them fine. I also made her wear her jacket today. She wasn't too pleased about modeling, but once we got out the door, all was well.

Turns out, the buses were very sporadic today. After watching two buses that don't usually come to our stop go by full, I decided that our only shot to getting to class on time was walking. So we walked about half way to school, to a stop that tends to drop off a lot of people (we actually caught up to a bus that had passed us about half a mile earlier) and took the bus the rest of the way. We were only about 2 minutes late for class. Promise snored during class, then we went to work, and then swung by the hospital on the way home, where my mom had an office potluck.

Now we're home. Promise is not so much a fan of the snow anymore. It's fun for eating, but she has trouble finding places to go potty since it comes up to her chin. Though now we can check "going potty on concrete" off our list of things she will do on command.

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