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December 8, 2009


Promise is loving the snow, though she is a little overly enthusiastic about it. When we're stopped, she often tries to grab a mouthful, which has caused her many a correction. She also burrows her nose in the snow and then comes up for air and an almost-sneeze. We've had some nice brisk walks recently, and fortunately, she hasn't pulled me on the ice.

She's been going to school and everything as usual, despite the weather. Her underside gets dirty, so I've been carrying a towel, but otherwise, it hasn't been too bad (not as bad as rain, for sure). I've also been making her sit on the buses since the floors are wet and dirty. This took her a little adjusting to, as I usually make her lie under the seat, but she's getting better at being stable while seated on the bus.

After our last class, we got "major homework" of teaching her to get in heel position. We're making good progress, now that I've been shown how to teach her. My goal is to have her reliably coming to the heel position by the time I'm done my finals. Then she's going to camp out with Harley while I'm gone for vacation...no break for her.


Puppy Raiser said...

We also carry wet wipes to clean the salt off her paws - haven't tried boots yet.

A Caes said...

That would be easier than the towel and bathroom sink routine...We did boots on Tuesday, I believe. Promise starts out with a funny gait, as she tries to keep her feet off the ground, but after a few minutes, walks normally.