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December 5, 2009


Our goal for the last three weeks was for Neva to ascend and descend stairs at the Kohl Center this weekend. It was a partial success. She was willing and able to ascend and descend, once she allowed herself to get started. The difficult part was getting her to the stairs. One time I slid her across the floor to the first step and then she went up like a champ. Neva's issue with steps is more mental than physical

Housebreaking was another goal of ours and I thought she had mastered it. Friday night she had a few accidents. This issue turned out to be more physical than mental. We had noticed more frequent urination; on Saturday she went five times in ten minutes. Yes, she appears to have a urinary tract infection (UTI), so we resupplied our Crancaps. After two days, she is doing a little better.

The UTI creates an unpredictable potty situation. Well aware of the risks, we didn't curtail her outings, but were diligent about frequent, almost excessive, trips outside. Neva's weekend visits to the grocery, playtime, drug store, hockey game, mall (3 hrs), and restaurant went off without any mishaps. It must be something in the water because the puppies under our care are always getting sick.

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