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December 21, 2009


As mentioned in earlier posts, Neva is relentless in staying close to and tormenting Deegan. He has proven to be extremely patient and tolerant with the little black beast. How would you like to have a 24 x 7 shadow with teeth? We occasionally find him in his crate searching for some peace/quiet and alone time. Eventually Neva locates her "big brother" and cozies up next to him.

Deegan is a high energy dog and is always ready to go outside, and walk. He is disappointed when he realizes that we are only out for a potty break and not a walk around the neighborhood.

To accomodate him the last few days, we have taken Deegan and Neva to the high school football field to run around in the snow and let him be a dog. He transforms from a mild mannered guide dog into crazy canine. It is surrounded by fence, so he can't escape.

This also provides Deegan with an opportunity to exact revenge on the little black beast. He gets his revenge by either holding her down in the snow and biting her limbs or by running full speed at Neva, only to veer off at the last moment. When Neva guesses wrong, moving into his path, she is sent rolling head over tail in the snow. She then gets up and chases after him until he turns and repeats the scenario.

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