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December 4, 2009

I'm not THAT noisy!!

Hi Sophia,

I did some more work on my "find heel" today. I really want to sit at an angle so I can see the teacher better, but they insist on me scooching right up next to them. I don't like it there so I'm not gonna do it - nanny nanny boo hoo...so there.

Then I did my puppy pushups and exercises so I got a reward - playtime with my pal Slick. This was our last playtime on this soft warm green stuff - I think it's called grass.

I heard the humans blah blahing about some white stuff coming. I barely remember what that was - I was just a pup the last time I saw it. Slick is older and says it's really cool and fun to play in.

Then we went to a classroom at Badger Kennel Club. Slick, Promise, Harley and I got to play for a while. The pictures didn't come out cuz we were moving too fast. It was fun!!!

Then I got some more "training". It's torture if you ask me!!! I had to sit QUIET in a crate while everyone else got to run and play...bummer boo hiss. That was no fun, and I let them there trainer humans know I was not happy. But I did learn that if I was very very quiet, the door would open.

All for Now,



Ms. ~K said...

Love those Labbies!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Timber! Your blogs are so cute! Your second entry made me laugh out loud!

Keep training, even though it is hard sometimes. Good things will come from listening to your teacher (my mom told me to write that).

The white stuff that the humans were blah-blahing about is fun to play in! My brother and I played in the snow for an hour this morning.

Christmas is coming soon. Do you think Santa will bring you a bone?

Your buddy,

Anonymous said...

Hi Timber, this is Sophia's brother, Jacob. The white stuff is called snow. Did you try to eat it yet? It kind of tastes good.

If you nudge your nose in packing snow, you might be able to make a snow ball.

Your friend,