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December 26, 2009

Travelling Mentor

The Christmas holiday results a in huge change of routine for our dogs. Sleep and feeding schedules are erratic and exercise is minimal. Most of the days have been spent riding in the car where Deegan has gotten much better at lying down when the car is moving. Neva enjoyed the trips more than usual as she shared the back seat snuggling with her mentor, instead of lying on the front floorboard.

To celebrate the end of our holiday travels, we took a long walk this morning. Then they played with their Christmas presents, two rawhide candy canes. Though they are identical, the one not in their possession is always more desirable, so they trade off repeatedly.

Deegan acts as a mentor for both good and bad behaviors. He has helped her move freely around the neighborhood and traverse stairs without trepidation. Although gentle indoors, he plays a bit rough when outside. He is possessive of toys and, worst of all, will consume his own "presents".

Last night, they "went to bed" in the same crate, so we simply locked the door and let them be until morning. Neva is going to miss her mentor when he leaves.

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