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December 2, 2009


Arf there you pups!

Super cool time for me. I got to go with the big dogs to Lukenbooth's Cafe in Black Earth. All the people there know Slick and Timber, but they never met me...until now! I got to walk with the big dogs across the street and I got to lay under the table for a little while.

Then it was time to get cuddled and listen to humans that can't speak.

All they could say was ohhh, ahhh and awww...and all mushy stuff. Then they played pass the puppy - with me - something about socializing. Anyhow, just when all that food came, I got put in a crate in the car - foul!!! Not fair!! The big dogs got to stay.

I did fall asleep in the car so I guess I was a little tired.


1 comment:

Sierra Rose said...

Sounded like some cafe FUN there Harley!!! Until the real good stuff came out! I get put in my crate too sometimes...we're missing out!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose