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December 26, 2009

Me and My Shadow


I've got this growth attached to my hip and it won't go away!! At first I thought it was cute (and he is) but all he wants to do is play play play. A gal needs her beauty sleep. At first he only was around at home, but now that he can hold off potty, he is going everywhere with me. I thought I was the special one, but he gets to do stuff with me too. Mom, it's not fair!!

Pout Pout Pout,



Amy said...

Dear Promise,
You are a special dog, but that has its strings attached. It's called give and take. You get to go everywhere, but can't have a ball, get lots of love, but can't love the squirrels, and you get to go everywhere with your person, but have to listen to your person extra carefully. I'm sure you were a pesky pup to Slick, and now you get to teach Harley how to be a well-mannered big kid.
Take care and have fun with your furry friends.

Promise said...

I forgot how I tormented Ole Slicker. Hey, Harley, come on - let's play some more!!